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Horiba Jobin Yvon Process Control products are based on Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) or Interferometry (INT).


EV 2.0 flyer (2022)

 EV 2.0 + LEM (2021)

EV 2.0, Recipe Designer 2.0, LEM 2.0   (2018-2019)

Products: LEM, LEM-CT, DM-1000, EV-1000, EV-140C-P, Recipe Designer 7

Keyword: Dry Etch, PECVD, Cleaning, FA --- Semiconductor, MEMS --- OES, Interferometry --- Deep Trench --- Cluster tool

                Real-time & In-situ Diagnosis, Plasma Monitoring, Endpoint Control, Fault detection, Yield & Throughput


Advertisements. Click below for immediate NEWS on Products, Softwares and Applications:

·         INT:          NEW LEM camera at 808 nm (2016) for II-VI applications,…

·       INT+OES: Plasma Process Engineering – Twin mode ( 2014). Enjoy one product with both sensors, LEM camera for Interferometry and EV-140 sensor for OES

·         INT:          Is your Black LEM camera obsolete ? Upgrade it! (06/ 2014)

·         INT, OES: EV-1000 Endpoint Supervision for Dry Etch Cluster tools (10/2013)

·         OES:        Recipe Designer 7 for smart OES Engineering (11/2013)

·         INT:          LEM-CT 2013 is ready (10/2013)

·         INT:          Horiba announces Digilem Camera family (1/6/2006)

Product line catalog.

·         INT, OES: Endpoint product line leaflet   (2018)

Endpoint Products information, use those links.

·         OES:        EV 2.0 : NEW Plasma Diagnosis OES Endpoint Monitor  (2018)

·         OES:        EV-140C: Plasma Diagnosis OES Endpoint Monitor

·         INT:          LEM-CT: Laser Interferometric Film Thickness Endpoint Monitor (2018)

·         INT:          DIGILEM-CPM UV-VIS spectroscopic Interferometric Process Monitor

Oral Presentation.  Click and listen (female English voice) to obtain an overview of our products and applications.

·         OES:        EV 2.0 + Recipe Designer 2.0 easy engineering oral presentation   (2018)

·         OES:        EV-140C oral presentation

·         INT:          LEM-CT oral presentation

2010 Process Control Products Presentation.

·         INT, OES: Real Time Etching End Point Monitors (OES & Interferometer type)

Applications Notes and articles.

·         INT:          Bosch Process

                                Endpoint and Health monitoring. Collaboration with Altis Fab in France, Corbeil-Essonnes.

·         INT:          A new optical sensor for real time in-situ endpoint monitoring during dry etching of III-V Ternary Multi Stack Layers

·         INT:          GaAs-GaAlAs optoelectronic devices

·         OES:        In-Situ Process Control: Photomasks etching

·         OES:        Low open area logic 130 nm Contact Etch Endpoint

·         OES:        Advanced Process Control increases yield of low open area VIA etches

·         INT:          905 nm wavelength laser as a new source for in-situ End-point detection of dry etching of AlxGa1-xAs on GA As

·         INT, OES: Dryetch monitoring of III–V heterostructures using laser reflectometry and optical emission spectroscopy

·         OES:        Applications of Plasma Emission Endpoint Monitor EV-140C (Horiba Readout, February 2011)

·         OES:        EV-140 P, New Emission Spectroscopic Product for Semiconductor Endpoint, Cleaning and Plasma Chambers Control (Horiba Readout, Sept. 2012) 


·         OES:        Endpoint Detection of Low Open Area Contact Nitride Etches by Use of Optical Emission Spectroscopy in an APC Compatible Multi-Sensor Platform (AEC/APC Asia 2005)

·         OES:        Etch Endpoint detection of low open area contact by means of new CCD Optical Emission Spectroscopy techniques developed with Horiba Jobin-Yvon (CREMSI Presentation)

·         OES:        Etch process monitoring on low open area by Optical Emission Spectroscopy (Endpoint Detection & Health Monitoring) (Arcsis 2009)

Our Products appear on customers web site.

·         INT:          LEM upgrade on Oxford tools (10/2012)

·         INT:          LPN CNRS applications with LEM cameras

·         INT:          Failure analysis on ICP Oxford tool

·         INT:          IEMN ICP dry etching applications with LEM cameras

·         INT:          IEMN RIE dry etching applications with LEM cameras

·         INT:          IEMN, France

·         INT:          Dielectric and silicon etcher

·         INT:          LEM on Oxford tools

·         INT:          LEM on Oxford PlasmaPro 800

·         INT:          IEF, France

·         INT:          LMN

·         INT:          LMN brochure

·         INT:          LAAS (Plasmascope on Aviza Omega 201 tool)

Our Products appear on customers articles.

·         INT:          Evaluation of reactive ion etching processes for fabrication of integrated GaAs/AlGaAs optoelectronic devices

·         INT:          Minimization of dry etch damage in III-V semiconductors

·         INT:          Trench Depth measurements, in Solid State Technology, April 2007

·         INT, OES: In-situ Monitoring

·         INT:          Industry adjusts to the MEMS market.


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